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          Geogrid is made by polypropylene(PP) as the raw material, through special extruded & biaxial,geogrids can be used to enhancement of permanent bearable soft including highway.

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        Geogrid is made by polypropylene(PP) as the raw material,It is produced through the process of extruding, punching, 

        heating, longitudinal and transverse stretching.It can be used to enhancement of permanent bearable soft including highway.

             ?High Tear Strength

             ?Flexible and durable

             ?Excellent Creep Resistance

             ?UV resistance

             ?Cost effective

             ?High chemical and biological resistance

             ?High Tensile Strength and Low Elgongation

             ?Optimun stability of the junction strength of the grid

             ?Increased pull-out resistance and compound strength

             ?High resistance to installation damage and ease of installation

        If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us,We have more than 20 years of production 

        experience, support OEM&ODM,and we support free samples


        Performance / Specification  TGSG TGSG  TGSG  TGSG  TGSG  TGSG  TGSG  TGSG TGSG
          15-15 20-20  25-25  30-30  35-35  40-40  45-45  50-50 60-60
                 Tensile Strength  (KN/m) MD     15   20    25    30    35    40    45    50    60
         CD     15   20    25    30     35    40    45    50    60

                 Elongation at break ≤ (%)
         MD                                              15
         CD                                              13

                   Tensile Strength at 2%     


         MD     5    7     9   10.5    12    14    16    17.5   27.5
         CD     5    7     9   10.5    12    14    16    17.5   27.5

                   Tensile Strenghth at 5%       


         MD     7   14    17     21    24    28    32    35    48
         CD     7   14    17     21    24    28    32    35    48
                            Roll Width  (M)                                          1----6   
                            Roll Length (M)                        100/75/50(According to customer's )


        Engineering use
           The bearing capacity of the base is increased and the service life of the base is prolonged.

           Prevent road (ground) surface from collapse or crack, keep the ground beautiful and tidy.

           Convenient construction, time - saving, labor - saving, shorten the construction period, reduce maintenance costs. 


        Aquaculture use

           Special network for animal husbandry;

           Special net for cage aquaculture;


        ? Agricultural use

           The stable green environment supporting the slope planting grass mesh pad;

           Anti-frost and anti-freezing thermal insulation materials;


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        As 23-year manufacturer and exporter, We have professional and stable suppliers of raw materials

        so based on the same quality, we can always get lower prices of raw materials.

        ·3 sets of wire drawing machines,2 sets of drawing flat wire machines. Production capacity: 12tons/day

        ·4sets of 4m Netting machines for round wire, 10sets of 6m Netting machines for round wire,

        ·4 sets of Netting machines for flat wire, Production capacity: 12tons/day

        ·15 sets of sewing machines, Production capacity :3000pcs/day

        ·6 sets of eyelets nailing machines, Production capacity :3000pcs/day

        ·3 sets of rolling packing machines, Production capacity :500rolls/day


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        ·We 5,000 sqm warehouse to stock goods

        ·we have professional warehouse management system, not only keep clean and dry, but also ensure the packing

        ·All the goods stock respectively according to different orders

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        When you contact us, please provide your detail requirements. That will help us give you a valid quotation.

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