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      1. Metal Corner Bead
        Metal Corner BeadMetal Corner BeadMetal Corner Bead

        Metal Corner Bead

          Corner bead is also called Angle bead  , it is a material that is used on the corners of wall in drywall construction to make the corners crisp and professional looking.

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        Wall Protecting Corner Bead 
        Applied: Stainless steel sheet,iron sheet.etc. 

        About the Corner Bead Corner bead may form straight side on the edge line of plaster project to fight break or chap and to protect and strengthen the most fragile part of the plaster. Its wing may enter the plaster in depth in any edge line strongly Corner bead is very important for whitewash for plaster, using it in the construction of building and the finishing of building will make construction easy and may save plenty of time. 



        Galvanized sheet/ CBB--4635

        Corrosion Resistant Plate CBS--4635

        Thickness(mm)  0.25mm-0.60mm

        wing width(mm) 20x20mm,22x22mm,24x24mm,25x25mm,30x30mm

        Length 2400mm--3000mm

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