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        PE security fence

        Mar. 21, 2020

        Orange plastic safety mesh/HDPE warning barrier fence/safety fence/orange/safety snow fence/plastic 

        snow fence underground warning mesh is a coloured plastic mesh for marking buried underground services.

        Made of high density polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene, to make sure the construction safe.

        Knitted with special method. It can be used for construction site to prevent dsbris and object falling, and 

        ensures the workers and pedestrian safety.

        With anti-wind, anti-dust function. It can be folded easily and clean conveniently.

        PE security fence/PE Warning Fence use in Construction sites, work sites,Open excavations, sport events, 

        Catwalks,crowd control, Snow & sand fencing ,Hazardous walk areas , new building construction warning and 

        restricted areas.

        ·Falling objects  protection,protect the workers.

        ·Wind and dust controlling,beautify the construction site.

        ·Enclosure systems to protect people around.

        ·Reduce sound pollutions.


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