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      1. Application of the PE Tarpaulin

        Mar. 06, 2020

        Tarpaulin is common in our lives. Many people think that its only function is to cover items. In fact, it has a wide 

        range of applications and a wide variety of types. 

        There are many kinds of tarpaulins, tents, military tents, construction tents, folding tents, etc. The materials of 

        each kind of tents are made differently, and the effect is different. Some materials are thick, and one side has 

        a bad living environment. It is protected from rain and snow, and some are shaded. As an experienced tarpaulin

         factory, we will add modern elements to the design of the tarpaulin to improve the quality of the product, making 

        it an important role in the industrial, agricultural and construction industries.

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