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        Welcome to contact with us any time!

        Feb 07, 2020

        For the epidemic situation in China, the Chinese government is currently taking the most powerful 

        measures. The epidemic situation is under control. Except for some cities such as Wuhan, which have 

        a greater impact, life in most of China is still normal. Now we have started work. . I believe that it will 

        soon return to normal.

        We supply #Shade Net        #Greenhouse Net     #Construction Safety Net 

                          #Shadow Net     #Scaffold Net            #Shade Sail

                          #Balcony Net      #Fence Net               #PE Tarpaulin

        We have been working since Feb 3rd ,Factory will open on Feb 10th. Now we accept orders and make 

        production schedules,Welcome to contact with us any time.

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