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      1. orange pe fence

          Pe orange fence or Plastic barrier fence is one of the major series of safety fence.

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        PE orange fence


        Detail specification

        Raw Material:Virgin HDPE with UV stabilized 

        Series :BR & SR & LB & SB

        Mesh size: 4 kind of series

        1.BR Series  70×40mm,80×40mm,100×40mm,110×40mm,70×26mm,80×26mm,90×26mm,100×26mm,110×26mm

        2.SR Series  65×35mm,70×40mm,60×40mm,50×30mm,50×50mm

        3.LB Series  50×50mm

        4.SB Series  70×40mm,60×40mm,50×30mm,50×50mm

        Colors:Orange,red,yellow,green,blue,black etc.

        Weight:60-400g/m2 can be manufactured

        Width:1m,1.2m,1.22m,1.5m,1.8m etc.

        Length:20-100m/roll is all available


        Feature of PE orange fence:

        High strength ,Aging resistance ,Anti-corrosion, Easy to install and take down ,Re-usable, Flexible and lightweight.


        Application of PE orange fence:

        Construction sites, work sites,Open excavations, sport events, Catwalks,crowd control, Snow & sand fencing ,Hazardous walk areas , new building construction warning and restricted areas.


        Package of PE orange fence

        Usually packed in rolls in transparent plastic film bags with customer's label inside


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