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        PVC Corner Bead
        PVC Corner BeadPVC Corner BeadPVC Corner Bead

        PVC Corner Bead

          PVC Corner Bead is also called drywall PVC??Bead,tile corner bead PVC ,stucco corner bead,plastering tile corner bead PVC.We can offer PVC?corner bead with fiberglass mesh and PVC corner bead without fiberglass mesh.We also do plastic corner bead mold as per your size of the angle bead PVC?plastic corner bead.

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        PVC Corner bead with fiberglass mesh can effectively solve the problems of EIFS such as the positive angle unstraight, 

        unsmooth, and the angle of the wall easily to be damaged,Using the corner beads, no need to use steel panel, also can 

        enhance the construction efficiency two to five times,reduce the construction cost, and guarantee the beauty and 

        firmness of corne.

        PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh has been widely used in all kinds of outdoor and indoor of building to protect the 

        wall corner.

        PVC corner is molded and extruded with rigid PVC compounds. It can be used for exterior and interior wall corner. 

        Various sizes are available with high quality standard.

        PVC corner has been widely used in all kinds of outdoor and indoor of building,major function is to protect the wall corner 

        and antibumping, meanwhile save the cost of construction, speed up the construction process.

        If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us,We have more than 20 years of production 

        experience, support OEM&ODM,and we support free samples.

        PRODUCT NAMEpvc sill waterproof with fiberglass,pvc drip proof corner
        WIDTHinside corner bead is 3cm, faced fiberglass is 10cm
        LENGTH40m and 50m per roll is as usual 
        PAYMENT TERMST/T ,L/C,D/P ,Western union                      



        PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh has been widely used in all kinds of outdoor and indoor of building to protect the 

        wall corner.

        PVC corner is molded and extruded with rigid PVC compounds. It can be used for exterior and interior wall corner. 

        Various sizes are available with high quality standard.

        PVC corner has been widely used in all kinds of outdoor and indoor of building,major function is to protect the wall corner 

        and antibumping, meanwhile save the cost of construction, speed up the construction process.



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