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        PVC Tarpaulin

          PVC tarpaulin is a plastic coated high-strength polyester tarpaulin is based on high-strength polyester canvas, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) paste resin with speed increasing agent, anti-fungal agent, anti-aging agent etc.

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        PVC tarpaulins is made of high strength polyester high-strength polyester canvas fabric, coated with polyvinyl chloride

         (PVC) paste resin with addition of variety of chemical additives, like DOP, anti-aging and anti-static components, etc..

        PVC coated tarpaulin material has been widely used as awnings, truck cover, side curtain, tents, inflatable products,

        adumbral materials for building facility and house. The width is from 1.02 m up to 5.10m . The color can be customized

        according to customers' requirement. We can produce laminated and coated PVC tarpaulin, for its good flexibility,

        excellent tensile strength and tear strength.

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        Materials PVC Tarpaulin Roll Raw Materials 
        Weights400gsm, 450gsm,  500gsm, 550gsm, 580gsm, 600gsm, 630gsm, 650gsm, 750gsm, 900gsm 
        ColorsAccording to RAL /  Pantone Color Chart  /  Sample Color 
        Process Heat Sealing  /  High Frequency Welding  /  Industrial Sewing  /  Eyeleting 
        Logo Screen Printing / UV Curable Printing /  Latex Printing 
        Eyeleting Nickel Plated Brass /  Galvanized Steel /  Aluminum  / Plastic 
        HemOverlap Hem, Pocket Hem,  Webbing Hem, Stitch Hem
        Rope Nylon Rope, Polypropylene Rope 6mm, 9mm ,12mm 
        Daily Capacity35000 Square Meter Per Day


        1. Rain and sunshine shelter, playground,

        2. Army tent, carriage tent and house building

        3. Amusement device

        4. Construction structure

        5. Truck cover, Top roof and side curtain

        6. Our door event tent(blockout)

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